School of the Prophets


The School of the Prophets is a 90 day residential program in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. As a student, you’ll be enrolled full time in daily classes, immersed in teaching, demonstrating and activating your prophetic call and gifting under the supervision of experienced apostles and prophets. Our instructors have 50+ years of experience in raising up prophetic voices all over the world and desire to see you fulfill all God has for you! In addition to teaching and training, you’ll receive through mentoring days and panel discussions with key leaders in the prophetic movement.

Pastors Joe and Ana Bucciero

Movement Writers

Pastor Dean Mitchum

Movement Writers was found to establish the message, movement, and music of revelation by training worship leaders, musicians and songwriters, as modern day psalmist commissioned to carry this movement to the global church and the seven mountains of culture.

Life Languages


We all want to be seen, heard, and understood at work and at home. Most relationships fail because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. We need to understand ourselves and others and learn to bridge the gaps. Life Languages System of Communication solves this problem. The Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP) will reveal how you process all incoming and outgoing communication. It will also unlock how to identify and speak the languages of the people around you. Pastors Dan and Missy Marcinkowski are certified Life Language coaches and Vision Church uses KLLP in all marital and pre-marital counseling.

Pastors Dan and Missy Marcinkowski

Frontline International Ministries

Prophet Bill and Larue Lackie

Frontline International is the national and international expression of our local prophetic team ministry at Vision Church.  The prophetic teams minister to anywhere from 500 to 1500 people monthly in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Frontline is actively raising up Schools of the Prophets and Equipping Centers, nationally and internationally. Prophet Bill and his team travel ministering a NOW prophetic word to leaders, churches (their leaders and congregation) and to the region (300-500 mile radius) where Vision Church is planted.

Christian International


Christian International’s desire is to help establish apostles and prophets as foundational ministries in the Church, and train, activate and facilitate the full restoration of all areas of fivefold ministry. As a saint and part of His Church, our desire is to equip you in greater measure, to see you rise above natural limitations and demonstrate His power and authority throughout the earth.

Dr. Tim Hamon